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Encouraging neighbors to be FOR each other & FOR our community…

You can be #forSalem

and #forKeizer

Ways you can be for your neighbors wherever you are!

Pay it Backward

  • Pay for the car behind you in a drive-thru.
  • Leave an encouragement card with the attendant to pass on.
  • Wave or honk as you drive off; we even have #forSalem car-decals for your back window.

Be a Good Neighbor

  • Start with learning their names… drawing and labeling a neighborhood map helps.
  • Do the things you’d do in your backyard or inside in the front yard instead. Be available and present.
  • Host a block party or neighborhood clean-up.
  • Organize a street-directory, complete with email addresses, names of pets and kids.
  • Make a new neighbor welcome packet!

Enjoy Local Eateries

  • Ask or use your server’s name when they first take your order, then use their name throughout the meal.
  • If you’re a praying person, ask if they have needs you can pray for when you get your meal.
  • Leave an extra-generous tip when you’re done.
  • Let them know you’re #forSalem and that they matter by leaving an encouragement card on the table!

Shop Slowly

  • Help another person take back their grocery cart.
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line or pay for someone’s small items.
  • Leave an encouragement card in their shopping bag or cart.
  • Hide a few bucks and an encouragement card in some merchandise. Involve your kids if you have ’em and make it a game.

Redbox Surprise!

  • Put a five dollar bill and a “snacks are on me!” note in your Redbox DVD return.
  • If you don’t want to do cash, add a small gift card in the DVD case.
  • Use the #forSalem encouragement card and maybe include 2 and they’ll pass one along!

More Ideas?

What did we miss? Contact us & submit your ideas! Maybe we can add them to our list!

Get Your For Salem Swag

Send us a note if you’d like to get some For Salem cards to pass along! Use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Pictured above: encouragement cards (packs of 10), wristbands (adult & youth sizes), yard signs, t-shirts, and car decals.

Plugging In To What’s Happening

Local Salem Resources

Get Involved in what’s already going on around you – here are some local links! A great way to be #forSalem!

Following #forSalem & #forKeizer

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